We help creative small business clients achieve strategic legal and business goals through intellectual property and business law


Patents offer registered owners the ability to prevent others from using, selling or manufacturing the subject matter of their patent in the territory of registration for the life of the patent so long as the patent maintains its validity and registration. We prepare and prosecute patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We also assist our clients in finding specialized counsel to undertake Federal court litigation to enforce patents or defending against infringement proceedings.



Trademarks can be valuable property rights if appropriately selected and registered with aim toward enforceability. We assist clients in choosing and securing registration for trade and service marks in the United States and internationally. We also assist in enforcing and opposing marks with the TTAB and in the appropriate California and Federal Courts.


Copyright is a powerful property right protecting the expression of an idea.  The protection encompasses the material form of expression. We assist our clients in obtaining registration of their copyrights and assigning or licensing copyrighted works to others.  We also advise clients on how best to protect against copyright infringement.

Design Protection

If the visual appearance of your product is novel and distinctive, you may have the ability to protect its design through a variety of intellectual property solutions including design patent and industrial design registration which gives you a statutory monopoly over shape, configuration, pattern and ornamentation of that product for a fixed period.  We assist clients in obtaining legal protection for their designs.

IT & Domains

We advise clients on many IT related matters including website development, application development, database matters, support agreements, user agreements, cyberspace privacy issues, and related intellectual property ownership and transfer issues. We undertake dispute resolution complaints and responses. And we facilitate the acquisition and registration of corresponding intellectual property rights to support our clients’ eligibility to hold particular domain names.

Licensing & Technology Transfer

We assist clients in developing appropriate licensing strategy and protocol and draft license and technology transfer agreements to protect and enhance our clients’ commercial success.

Business law

We assist clients in negotiating and drafting the appropriate agreements and formation documents tailored to their specific business goals including:

  • Employment agreements and documentation
  • Client agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Marketing contracts
  • Vendor contracts
  • Collection matters
  • Corporate formation
  • Sole proprietorships and partnerships
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Buy sell agreements

Confidental Information

We advise clients as to the means of protection and enforcement of confidential information through a variety of intellectual property tools.


We provide litigation services to clients on a variety of matters in California and Federal courts. We also assist our clients in finding appropriate counsel to represent them in patent litigation.

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